Bettina Streit

Order from Dubai: We Conceptualize and Design a Video-on-Demand (VoD) App for Children

Bettina Streit,

Together with our technology partner Axinom, we have developed a Video-on-Demand (VoD) app targeted at 3 to 12-year-olds. The customer was e-vision, a subsidiary of the large telecommunication provider Etisalat from Dubai.

Bettina Streit,

“I would like to talk to your chatbot!”

Everyone talks about chatbots, but far too few are talking to them. But this is the only way to learn what they can and cannot do.
My enthusiasm for chatbots comes from the time when I watched every episode of the science fiction series “Star Trek”, every week. There are basically two chatbots – not that I would have called them that back then 🙂
One is best known as “Commander Data”, the android with the silver-colored skin.

Bettina Streit,

TV-appropriate Content First!

The apps on display on a Smart-TV must be suitable for the medium of TV

Smart-TV now offers an impressive range of non-linear content. The presentation of apps on TV still has, however, potential for optimization.
I envision a new approach for using TV apps that is inspired by moving pictures.

Maximiliane Wagner,

Update of the DB Navigator App: A lot of Good, But Still not Commuter-friendly

The new version of the DB Navigator App has been available for a few days. The app provides information about travel connections and allows you to purchase tickets online. As a commuter who travels by train between Rosenheim and Munich, I use the app daily to inform me about delays. That’s why I, of course, check out the updates to the app very carefully.

Sandra Buczek,

Visiting Microsoft in Redmond

Microsoft has changed their thinking – this you probably already recognized because Windows 10 was tested very early and continuously developed in the context of an insider program, together with developers and other friendly users. Also, partnerships with design agencies like ours are gaining more importance for Microsoft. So at the end of May I was invited, together with other representatives of selected partner agencies, to travel from Germany to Redmond to get first-hand information about Windows 10.

Bettina Streit,

The Way to a Smart Home

Today, a vast number of smart home technology providers are scrambling for a market that is currently worth 20 Billion. Here in Germany, at least every seventh person supposedly uses smart home applications. And the market is growing by 17% annually. But every fourth person finds that using smart home applications is too complicated, in fact, even people who do not use smart home applications feel this way. This is a good reason to take a closer look at the topic of the user experience in the smart home.

Ralf Kienzler,

How Periscope Could Change Journalism

The photo app Snapchat currently enjoys great popularity, especially among the young crowd. The special thing about Snapchat is that the pictures you send to friends are immediately deleted after viewing them. In this way, short moments are captured which are only remembered by the people to whom they were sent.
Periscope adapts this principle for video broadcasts to a wide audience. These live transmissions are supplemented by a Twitter-based chat and by the appearance of little hearts that are conjured by the user by tapping like crazy at the bottom of the screen.