Maximiliane Wagner

The Usability of Text – And How We Can Improve it

Maximiliane Wagner,

We write text daily: emails, news, presentation text, websites and user interfaces, marketing text, and maybe, as in my case, text for a blog article. But we rarely think about usability, that is, the usability of the text. Text also has usability and it can be improved.

Maximiliane Wagner,

Crazy Error Messages and How to Avoid Them

Error messages are not good per se, after all, they tell you something has gone wrong. It is a double annoyance for the user if they do not understand why the error has occurred and what they can do now. Reactions are different: one person curses loudly about the software, the other would like to throw their mobile phone out of the window and the third will perhaps never open the app again. But even though error messages have such high frustration potential,

Maximiliane Wagner,

Update of the DB Navigator App: A lot of Good, But Still not Commuter-friendly

The new version of the DB Navigator App has been available for a few days. The app provides information about travel connections and allows you to purchase tickets online. As a commuter who travels by train between Rosenheim and Munich, I use the app daily to inform me about delays. That’s why I, of course, check out the updates to the app very carefully.