Ralf Kienzler

Think Big, Reduce Later – why Mobile First does not always have to be first choice

Ralf Kienzler,

The motto ‘Mobile First’ is now established in the development of digital interfaces for several end devices. However, it is worth questioning this approach and exploring visual alternatives.

Ralf Kienzler,

Backstage Insights: How we Reinvented Ourselves Visually

Details about the relaunch of the coeno website

Since the middle of last year, we have been working on the new appearance of coeno. The aim was to present us appropriately and to accurately reflect the diverse nature of our agency. Here I would like to trace the development of our new appearance and to illustrate why we are convinced that our new appearance provides an informative and inspiring insight into our agency.

Ralf Kienzler,

Video on Demand (VOD) services benefit from attractively-presented content. In practice, this doesn’t happen that often.

With the emergence of new VOD platforms, the development of the user interface comes to the fore. How does the user find the important information and products? Can the user understand the product offering and figure things out by themself? It should not be forgotten that the preparation of content plays a large role in whether a movie or TV show gets purchased in the end or not.

Ralf Kienzler,

How Periscope Could Change Journalism

The photo app Snapchat currently enjoys great popularity, especially among the young crowd. The special thing about Snapchat is that the pictures you send to friends are immediately deleted after viewing them. In this way, short moments are captured which are only remembered by the people to whom they were sent.
Periscope adapts this principle for video broadcasts to a wide audience. These live transmissions are supplemented by a Twitter-based chat and by the appearance of little hearts that are conjured by the user by tapping like crazy at the bottom of the screen.