Renate Schinköthe

Animations – Sketching, After Effects or CoreAnimator?

Renate Schinköthe,

Animations have long been an important tool to improve the user experience of digital products. My daily work is enormously enriched by the integration of animations into my concepts and designs. Whether it is an animation with small monsters for a children’s Video on Demand (VoD) app or a focused walkthrough in a TV UI. It’s simply fun. 🙂 

Renate Schinköthe,

Giving Feedback Properly – Constructive and Purposeful

A situation that everyone knows: You are asking a colleague to give feedback on the current project status. Easy, but a simple question like “What do you think?” can get out of control and lead to a meeting of many hours in which everybody is talking about personal preferences and likes. In the end, you are more uncertain than before.
Last year at the UX London conference, I attended a workshop hosted by Adam Conner that described how it is possible to prevent such problems.

Renate Schinköthe,

“Start your designing where your users start their using”

A topic that is often neglected on a project is the user onboarding: How does a potential user know that there is a new product that can make their life easier? What is the easiest registration process for them? How do they come back a second time and how can we ensure that the users are not just using our products, but using them in an advantageous way, and enjoying it too?