Sandra Buczek

Customer Surveys Are Important. Does That Also Apply to Us?

Sandra Buczek,

Again and again we tell our customers how important it is to deal with users (= customers), to ask their opinion and to take their opinion seriously. Well, this doesn’t apply to us, does it?
In this context, the central question that matters to us as an agency is: how can we guarantee constant development of our overall competencies and the positive perception of this by the customer. To learn about this, we should also count on the opinion of our customers and collect and evaluate data in a structured way.

Sandra Buczek,

Collaborative Communication with kokomm®: Just Another Communication Seminar or Esoteric Nonsense?

Communication in all its facets is a very important part of my daily work as a UX Consultant. Dealing with (sometimes difficult) customers, internal coordination and sharing of critical information — often under extreme time pressure — makes up the lion’s share of my job. Good communication is therefore essential, in order to avoid misunderstandings, cope with difficult conversation situations and resolve conflicts. 

Sandra Buczek,

Visiting Microsoft in Redmond

Microsoft has changed their thinking – this you probably already recognized because Windows 10 was tested very early and continuously developed in the context of an insider program, together with developers and other friendly users. Also, partnerships with design agencies like ours are gaining more importance for Microsoft. So at the end of May I was invited, together with other representatives of selected partner agencies, to travel from Germany to Redmond to get first-hand information about Windows 10.