Josef Jaud

Innovation projects are rarely standardized. In our innovation workshops, we therefore rely on different methods to meet the individual goals of our customers.

Markus Kugler,

Innovation- and Ideation-Workshops: Interdisciplinarity Rocks!

At coeno, we have been conducting innovation and ideation workshops since the middle of 2016, not so much due to strategic considerations, but because we have gained a lot of experience with various creative and meeting methodologies internally, and the opportunities evolved for us to apply this methodological knowledge in collaboration with some of our longtime customers. As a result, this work has provided us with a lot of fun and along the way we have helped our customers get their respective workshop topics going.

Bettina Streit,

Our Vision and How We Developed it

A Workshop of Our Own

About four years ago was the last time we at coeno were thinking about our vision. At that time, this was still a purely management issue: a topic that Markus and I had thought about and then communicated the results internally to our employees.
A lot has happened since then. Not only has our management style changed. We also tackle strategic issues, such as developing a vision, in a new way.

Anja Stork,

With Rapid Contextual Design (RCD) to Structured Requirements

In my search for methodical approaches to develop good user interfaces, the book Rapid Contextual Design – A How-to Guide to Key Techniques for User-Centered Design was recommended. This is a very good and practical description of how user requirements can be collected based on context interviews and structured with the help of different workshops to ultimately develop new solutions.