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Rethink Ad Portals!


Together With the User to a Successful Relaunch


Publicitas, Switzerland
Tasks: UX consulting, analysis, development of ideas, elaboration of concept and design, user tests, implementation support

Publicitas wanted to revise its web-based end-user platform, which enables the booking of advertisements by different target groups, thereby simplifying the usability for the user. All booking, billing and reporting-relevant workflow steps needed to be displayed on a new central platform.

Through the structured identification of requirements of use, we achieved a clear optimization of the user interface and thus a comprehensive improvement of usability. The existing workflows were evaluated and revised. The new user interface supports usability and enables fully responsive usage on all devices.

The result was so successful that Publicitas decided to adopt the basic concept for their enterprise solution, which is aimed at business customers. To successfully implement this, we continuously optimized the ideas with the help of rapid user tests.

Our Approach at a Glance



The requirements and the feedback of the users were the focus of the relaunch process. So we received ideal input to transform good ideas into very good concepts.

Anja Lange, UX consultant & project management (MyP relaunch)

Collaborative: Sharing Knowledge and
Learning From Each Other


In idea workshops, initial creative approaches were developed and sketched based on the user requirements. Thanks to productive discussions and meaningful evaluations, the entire team had, from the beginning, working hypotheses on how to elaborate creative ideas and concepts.


Using the “Design Studio” creative method helped us create a pleasant and creative atmosphere for the idea development process. Thus, we could pursue crazy and unusual ideas and think about completely new ways of finding a solution.

Maxi Wagner, conceptual lead (MyP relaunch)

Develop the Design and Support the Concept Idea



The resulting user interface always guides the user’s attention to the most important function, thus initiating the interaction and facilitating the orientation. Through the interplay of concept and design, the basic idea “focus on the essentials” was further developed and elaborated in detail.

The design comes alive through the contrast between the toolbar and the content and it promotes usability since the focus is fully controllable. Due to the clear structure and the moderate use of effects, the appearance is structured, modern and fresh.

Felix Hübner, UI designer for MyP & AdCampain

Transition the Basic Idea and Transform it Thanks to User Feedback

The basic design was also used for the Enterprise portal AdCampaign, which is aimed at business customers. But the much more complex structure and the extensive expert functions required a new conceptual approach. With the help of rapid user testing, the concept was optimized and continuously improved to meet the needs of the users.

On the left please see the “old” UI, on the right the optimized, new UI – both for several views.

Through rapid iterative tests with the users, we obtained excellent insight into the processes and the needs of the users. Particularly pleasing: the positive attitude of the user to the change and the praise for the innovative concept.

Renate, conceptual lead (AdCampaign)

I would recommend coeno in principle for every IT project that requires an interface. The agency has a special focus on TV and entertainment. However, we had the impression that they had a great deal of pleasure in pushing into a completely different area. Our project was extremely challenging due to its complexity and coeno has mastered it very well.
My conclusion: Since they could do that, they can also do everything else.

David Klement, Chief Technology Officer at Publicitas