Our analysis can include an expert review of an existing application, analysis of the usage context and definition of requirements of use.

Expert Review

An expert review is a good start for optimization projects. For the analysis of formal usability, we use the method of „scenarios-based work through“. Two to three usability experts go through the system to be tested and perform typical tasks. For each potentially critical use case, a check is made as to whether this is a problem according to ISO 9241-110. The results are summarized in the form of a usability report.

User Surveys

In order to elaborate needs and requirements of use in a structured manner, we analyze the usage context. That is, we talk to users and conduct semi-structured context interviews.


Each project has different types of stakeholder requirements: professional, organizational, legal, market and requirements of use.

At the same time, the requirements of use, i.e. the description of what an interactive system has to fulfill from the viewpoint of the user, form the basis for user-centered product development.

As a UX specialist, our focus is on the analysis and definition of the requirements of use. In order to document the requirements, we like to use user stories because they focus on the user. Thus, a framework can be created that allows all involved parties to build the same understanding in order to start their work.