Bettina Streit

Order from Dubai: We Conceptualize and Design a Video-on-Demand (VoD) App for Children

Bettina Streit,

Together with our technology partner Axinom, we have developed a Video-on-Demand (VoD) app targeted at 3 to 12-year-olds. The customer was e-vision, a subsidiary of the large telecommunication provider Etisalat from Dubai.

Bettina Streit,

“I would like to talk to your chatbot!”

Everyone talks about chatbots, but far too few are talking to them. But this is the only way to learn what they can and cannot do.
My enthusiasm for chatbots comes from the time when I watched every episode of the science fiction series “Star Trek”, every week. There are basically two chatbots – not that I would have called them that back then 🙂
One is best known as “Commander Data”, the android with the silver-colored skin.

Bettina Streit,

BMW i3 – Digital #newground (#Neuland)?

I have a new car! And I was really looking forward to it. On the one hand, a new car is, of course, always exciting. On the other hand, because I have decided on a vehicle with electric drive out of conviction. The principle of environment and joy of innovation is integral to our household. My husband drives a Tesla.
Rooted in Bavaria, my choice was already, for patriotic reasons, on the BMW i3. As a UX expert,

Maximiliane Wagner,

Crazy Error Messages and How to Avoid Them

Error messages are not good per se, after all, they tell you something has gone wrong. It is a double annoyance for the user if they do not understand why the error has occurred and what they can do now. Reactions are different: one person curses loudly about the software, the other would like to throw their mobile phone out of the window and the third will perhaps never open the app again. But even though error messages have such high frustration potential,

Anja Stork,

An Interview with Maximiliane Wagner on the Methodical Approach to Create Creativity

The term “creativity” comes from the Latin word “creare”, which means “create” or “generate”. An intuitive and often used definition is that creative ideas are both new and useful as they provide a suitable solution for a problem. In this interview with Maximiliane Wagner, an experienced UI conceptualizer who has been working on the topic of methods for creativity for some time, we present methods that support the creative development process. Since, at coeno, we are mostly involved in UI development and design,