Josef Jaud

We Have Methods for Innovation

Josef Jaud,

Innovation projects are rarely standardized. In our innovation workshops, we therefore rely on different methods to meet the individual goals of our customers.

Markus Kugler,

Innovation- and Ideation-Workshops: Interdisciplinarity Rocks!

At coeno, we have been conducting innovation and ideation workshops since the middle of 2016, not so much due to strategic considerations, but because we have gained a lot of experience with various creative and meeting methodologies internally, and the opportunities evolved for us to apply this methodological knowledge in collaboration with some of our longtime customers. As a result, this work has provided us with a lot of fun and along the way we have helped our customers get their respective workshop topics going.

Anja Stork,

Innovate with Rapid Contextual Design – A Review

To share the experiences that we had with the Rapid Contextual Design Process, we (Anja and Josef) decided to carry out a brief interview and summarize this article.
Both of us have already discussed the interviews with users, their habits and requirements, and collected them in individual interpretation sessions and cataloged them in so-called affinity notes. Josef then prepared and implemented the affinity diagraming and visioning sessions to serve as the moderator, and Anja participated as part of the team.