Development of Ideas

During this phase, we are highly creative. We work in the team on the ideas. The first core views and user flows are built and various design directions are developed.

Creative Workshops

The core of any interactive service or product is the transformation of the requirements into an interaction paradigm as well as the corresponding views and usage flows. The guiding principle, defined in interdisciplinary teams, forms the framework on which the additional conceptual steps are based.
We develop creative ideas, including Design Thinking, Collaborative Sketching, Scamper, World-Café and Brainwalking.
Participation in the creative workshops by the project members on the customer side is very welcome.

Rough Concept

Within the rough concept, the core views and usage flows are defined and visualized using wireframes. Requirements and guiding principles, as well as topics such as onboarding, highlighted features as well as the different specifications on the different devices are considered here.

Visual Design Direction

Under the visual design direction, we understand the exploration of various design directions by means of core views and their adaption for various devices.