The elaboration includes: Build wireframes, write text, elaborate designs for all views and platforms, develop animations and precisely document everything.


Wireframes serve as a schematic representation of the conceptual design. Here the focus is on the arrangement of elements and on the user guidance.
The wireframes are the basis for the coordination and release of the concept. For this purpose, we recommend that our clients always check the concept with users as part of a usability test (see the module „User Test„)

Declination of Design Views

The visual design is created on the basis of the visual design direction and the specifications from the wireframes. In doing so, the views are designed for all parts of the application and all foreseen platforms (TV, tablet, smartphone, web).


Text is an important part of every product. Marketing pages, onboarding and purchasing processes or error messages require a specific user approach in order to meet them optimally in the respective context.
We therefore also offer the editing and revision of text as a power building block.

Style Guide

In the style guide for a project, all important design characteristics are documented. It is the basis for future development and the orientation framework for developers.
Fonts, colors, states and types of views, together with rules for their use, are among the typical contents of our style guides.


Animations in the form of transitions are among the essential elements of the user experience. They support the intuitive use of applications. Good animated transitions between different views make the interface understandable and comprehensible to the user.
So-called micro-animations enrich the design and have a positive influence on the „Joy of Use“. Individual design of the animations provides an additional layer to make the effect of a product more unique.


For each project, we develop a „User Interface Design Requirements Document (UID REQ)“, which is used as documentation for technical development.
Scope and expression are based on the preferences of our clients, the target group and the agreed upon method of operation. They range from minimal to highly detailed commentary wireframes to the comprehensive text document that describes every single view with all its elements, attributes, and behaviors. This documentation is in English.