User Test

We recommend that our clients plan user tests at various stages of the project, preferably as early as possible. Only if the users use the application simply, intuitively and with pleasure, does customer satisfaction increase. Tests throughout the project reduce the development time and thus the development costs and, ultimately, the support costs. In addition, satisfied customers naturally increase sales.


For these tests, we develop prototypes: paper prototypes as part of the idea discovery, prototypes from dynamic wireframes for concept evaluation and design prototypes to test the visual design.

Usability Tests

On the basis of the prototype, users are asked about their experience in handling the application. Special attention is given to usability, i.e. the question whether the application is usable without impairments (efficiency) and whether all functions relevant to users are available (effectiveness). The results of the test are used as feedback in the conceptual phase. Wireframes and prototypes can be adapted and re-tested.

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