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Partners From the First Minute


Media Broadcast / freenet TV
Tasks: UX consulting, analysis, development of ideas, elaboration concept and design,
prototyping, implementation support

Media Broadcast is the platform operator of the new standard for terrestrial television, DVB-T2 HD. The switch to the new standard will take place on March 29, 2017. Preparatory online communication has already started at IFA 2015.

We have assisted Media Broadcast from the very first minute in designing the online communication for the new standard. In this way, we closely supported the entire development process. Whether a workshop on corporate language, the development of a complete communication web site, including a shop or a definition of the necessary measures for a complete redesign, we were always at our customer’s side.

Early in 2015

  • Market research and benchmark analysis of international competition products

  • icon_workshop
    Joint workshop with Media Broadcast: elaboration of the objectives of the website and the specification of the requirements

Development of the Concept and Design for the IFA website


The Callenge

At this early stage, neither Media Broadcast nor the future product should be communicated by name.

The Objective

We wanted to inform about DVB-T2 HD and highlight the advantages of the new standard versus the old technology.


While thinking about what the microsite was not going to be, we got a clearer picture of what we wanted.


In a prototyping session, we designed all modules of the homepage and tried out possible animations.


As a team, we developed two very different ideas. The decision of the customer was for our favorite idea: an innovative approach that relies on animations.

results_whiteboardThe Result


Using the headstand, paper prototyping and collaborative sketching methods, we developed an innovative one-pager. With the help of easy-to-understand animations, we could explain how uncomplicated the technology DVB-T2 HD is and we created curiosity for what was still to come.

FreenetTV - AirTV Design

September 2015: Launch of the one-pager at IFA

  • There is Something in the Air


    We developed a microsite to introduce the future DVB-T2 HD product „Air TV“ and to explain in to the first interested users.


  • The Site Grows and Thrives


    In various phases, the site has been expanded. Users can check whether the reception of DVB-T2 is possible in their area and inform themselves about compatible devices.


    icons devices

Early in 2016

Preparations for the Commercial Launch


At the beginning of 2016, our work began on the further development of the site from the middle of 2016 to the beginning of 2017. During this time, the site will grow from an informative microsite to a full website including a shop.

We organized several workshops with the client, collected and prepared benchmarks and created wireframes, which were then aligned with the client. The specification document included several hundred well-designed pages of wireframes with descriptions. Three designers worked in parallel on the design of all desktop and mobile views.



Important! Do not Forget the User!

As an integral part of the detailed concept phase, we always recommend a UX test. This is carried out externally. However, we are happy to assist in the briefing and to prepare the test material. By testing with users, usability problems can be detected at an early stage, which can be solved in the short term and cost-effectively in the concept, before it goes into development.

The UX test for Media Broadcast suddenly had to happen very fast. We had exactly one day to create a fully clickable prototype. With a lot of manpower and heart-blood we did it – record-breaking!

Sandra Schmelich, UX consultant & project management





With the acquisition by freenet, a new brand suddenly comes into play: freenet TV replaces Air TV. A new style guide and new brand values required the revision of the entire design. Not a small challenge…

With the exchange of colors and logo it was not done – the complete design language had to be changed. However, thanks to the close cooperation with the client, we could decide very quickly on what was to be adapted. And the result is really good!

Felix Hübner, design lead for this project