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Quickline TV – The Swiss Multiscreen Platform Focusing on Funcionality and Usability

 Quickline AG

Tasks: UX consulting, requirements management, idea development, creation of concept and design, prototyping


The project with Quickline, the fourth largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland, has presented us with some challenges. With the new multiscreen platform consisting of its own set-top box, web and mobile applications, a benchmark in the areas of usability and functionality should be set. Differentiating features are an emotional and uniform user interface across all devices, personalized content and a simple and intuitive user interface.





UX Philosophy for Quickline TV

Quickline TV is an 
innovative product with an unique usability and content driven approach achieved by a flexibleindividualopen and at the same time totally simple and easy to use user interface.

The user interface provides a familiar and clear user experience by establishing exclusive and exciting UI elements. The presentation of all contents is almost flat and engages the user right away.

Core Functions

Personal TV experience

Through individually configurable user profiles, personal recommendations, a personalized homepage and a dedicated channel: the “My Channel”.

Anytime and anywhere

For TV, tablet, smartphone and PC. All devices “know” each other and can complement, complete or even replace each other in terms of their functionality.

With content that inspires

Typical TV is easy to achieve. In addition, Replay TV and an exclusive sports offer provide content that promises fun, pleasure and relaxation.


Flexible – context oriented – clear – simple – dynamic

In the TV environment, the interaction principle works with a fixed focus on a centered axis. If the user navigates with the arrow keys up and down, they can switch between the channels. If they move the focus to the right and left, they reach more content areas, as well as the main menu. In other areas, such as mosaic views in the VoD range, the focus behavior moves spatially.

Through the context-oriented use of the various navigation principles, the content can be optimally controlled.


Elegant – pure – modern – concise – tidy

The design works with simple shapes and color fields and thus adopts modern design principles.
It is universally applicable, gives preference to the contents but still has an individual character.

In close consultation with our contacts, and in workshops with the technical implementation partners, we have implemented a product with Quickline, which makes TV, Replay and OnDemand content appealing and attractive on many devices.”

Renate Schinköthe, UX Designer & Usability Engineer

Implementation phase in numbers


The result