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Brand Development and Product Design


All 6 Channels of the RTL Media Group in one Media Library


Client: RTL interactive
Tasks: UX consulting, development of ideas, elaboration of concept and design, prototyping

Develop Ideas with Rapid Design Thinking


First, we thought about new and creative feature ideas for a media library. We used the “Rapid Design Thinking” method, in which the steps of classical design thinking are significantly reduced and it only takes half a day.

During interviews, participants determine the experiences and feelings of users on a particular topic. From the findings, “problem statements” are formulated. These form the basis for the actual development of ideas.

Refinement of the Concept Through User Feedback

Based on the ideas from Rapid Design Thinking, we developed different approaches for the rough concept.

After coordinating with RTL Interactive, two different interaction paradigms emerged, which we implemented in prototypes to carry out a user experience test. The tests were carried out over two days with a total of ten users giving us valuable feedback and hints for optimization potential. It also showed us which of the two interaction paradigms was better understood.

On this basis, we were then able to make the detailed elaboration of the wireframes and write the specification.

The wireframes on the right show the different the different approaches for the home page.

Development of Design Moods

TV now - Designvarianten

Design Moods are used to lay out a rough visual direction. In the case of TV NOW, the question was how can we reconcile the design of the app with the many content images? There were three possibilities: to reduce the app as much as possible, to give it its own color scheme, or even to integrate images of the programs as design elements.

Ralf Kienzler, lead designer TV NOW

Elaboration of the Visual Designs

Design of the Color Scheme


The decision was made on an individual color variant without any additional emphasis on the content. From this, we developed different variants, which represent the same content, but differ strongly by the respective color language.

The winning variant which, through the alternation of colored and bright surfaces, presented the broadcasts contrastingly and variably without distracting too much from the content.

Creating of the Logo and Design Elements


Here we had to approach the subject differently and develop a logo after the design and the color world that had already been defined. It was particularly important for us to find logo approaches that built on the visual design concept and supported the product philosophy. TV NOW stands for a simple, clear and usability-focused product with which everyone can watch multiple live and onDemand shows. Here the multiscreen approach plays an important role.

This resulted in a word-image brand which is clear and modern, has a high recognition value and fits into the interface harmoniously.



The Result


TV now - Devices

With the help of appropriate creative methods and the testing of a wide range of design approaches, we have implemented a product with TV NOW that offers an attractive home for the broadcasters of the media group RTL in the first version and it can be flexibly enhanced in future versions.

Anja Lange, UX consultant & project management TV NOW